CRASH & FAIL Compilation - Hill Climb Racing -

CRASH & FAIL Compilation – Hill Climb Racing

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CRASH & FAIL Compilation : HillClimb crash, racing crashes & fails, Bergrennen crash.

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  1. I thought the last guy didn’t respect that wet corner at all. He pressed that gas to much instead of riding it out slowly.

  2. Une petite pensée pour toutes les vertèbres cervicales…. merci les ostéopathes et les kinés 😁

  3. Bunch of tossers. My Mom can drive better than that and she's 83

  4. สิทธิวัตร เเป้นสุข says:


  5. Man, watching these makes me sad for the drivers

  6. Das ist hald wenn man nicht fahren kann!!!!

  7. Potentiel ? Potentiel…? POTENTIEL ???

    Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanglier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. don't know much about hillclimb, any reason so many of the cars are 80's-90's euro hatchbacks?

  9. @1:58 Have you ever seen all 4 wheels of a car in one frame?
    Now you have.

  10. Let me just stand up against the guard rail while a car crashes into my spot, and not worry about being hit by the car or debris. SMH.

  11. superbe qualité merci pour la compilation

  12. This was cool 50 years ago I guess. Any sport with that level of crash rate needs to be regulated more.

  13. I love the "soft" barrier made of guardrails with enormous logs butted up against them.. 4:33 🤯

  14. This people be driving like me on forza horizon 4 LMAO

  15. Come play they said it will be fun they said

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  17. I’m going to guess that in this type of racing you don’t get an opportunity to practice on the course your going to run on…? All accidents caused by going in “too hot”.

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  19. 5:22 the guy had so much luck, guardrail could've easily caused massive head injuries

  20. 5:12 That guy on the side must have had to change pants after that hit.

  21. Great video, thank you ! I'm completely gobsmacked. Those guys had spunked out loads of money on those cars. Yet, none of them had been spending any money on driver training and professional instructor lessons. They all simply overestimated their skills and talent, and made rookie errors.

  22. Overdriving the equipment makes for an expensive day!

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