COUNTER BALANCE CRISIS EVENT - Hill Climb Racing 2 Walkthrough Gameplay -

COUNTER BALANCE CRISIS EVENT – Hill Climb Racing 2 Walkthrough Gameplay

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Wheelie New Public Event Counter balance Crisis Walkthrough with Superbike, Racing Truck, Hot Rod, Buggy GamePlay

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  1. Wow. Takes real skill to wheelie with the superbike

  2. But I have only buggy, because my GP is 638…

  3. Vereshchak поиграй в DRIVE AHEAD

  4. Vereshchak you have best technology than alien in first race

  5. Veresshak, please, forgive me, because, i have so time without see your videos, because i delete the game.

  6. Plz can i join your group in hillclimb racing 2

  7. Hay alguien que hable español

  8. Vereshchak i just got a legendary from a brown box(basic box) how rare is that?

  9. hello could you take photos of a steam locomotive in hill climb racing 2?

  10. The legends says that no one has ever done wheelie with monowheel till this day

  11. Lol. RIP to those teams and clans who fought you on your te walkthrougs. There's no future for them.

  12. Hey bro i saw you in event mono wars battle

  13. Hello how are you, please join my team and don't quit please, the name is : Redd|IT™2, to all who watch the video join my team please guys you are the best and we are only 2 in my team but the trunk is going up fast 👍👍👍BYE

  14. I like your video very interesting and fun

  15. Imagine driving the bike as shown in the thumbnail.

  16. Yesterday my record in this event was 1254 this is my highest 😎😎

  17. i won one time 1st position with this event )

  18. Everyone join our team the team name is I.N.D.I.A.S. it's a new team minimum requirements for joining the team is Garage power is 0 Legendary 0 and 400 kms per week who does max kms will get a giveaway

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