Coding my own HILL CLIMB RACING (2D racing car Unity Tutorial) -

Coding my own HILL CLIMB RACING (2D racing car Unity Tutorial)

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Want to make your own game ? Here I’ll show you how you can make a 2D racing game like Hill Climb Racing in 12 minutes !


  1. why my car is moving in reverse direction

  2. i have used the same code bt still my car is not moving plz give the solution

  3. i think you did some parts behind the scene

  4. My wheels keep spinning out of place when too much torque is applied

  5. everything was fine until my stupid dudes head started falling through the map. Any help?

  6. What buttons i use to go in front and back?

  7. Nice video. Explained very well. The camera part is working, but the speed is not working. I mean I can't control the car with keys. Need urgent help.

  8. Help needed: @8:21 similarly my wheels are not rotating in its center of axis

  9. How about the head when you hit the ground

  10. would like to see how he does the screeshot then shot it in the end of a session (when we lose)

  11. Could you show how the game make to screen a part of the screen then show it when we die?

  12. My car is spinning when the game starts.
    Any help?

  13. how u control this when u convert this game to android?

  14. Came here for the mobile control part and left disappointed

  15. in unity script are not showing back tire and front tire

  16. Awesome, I will try to build something similar with JavaScript

  17. how can we make the ground endless and have random gaps (like in alto's adventure)?

  18. الـمـصَمم الـفـلـسطيـني says:

    اول عربي فلسطيني 🇵🇸💪🏼❤

  19. Help, i dont can see the Wheel Joint 2d lines for edit..?

  20. Why is my car not going forward when i press the arrow keys?

  21. hello thank you for this awesome tutorial. How to make multiplayer?

  22. @Valem can you please say me how to make this level endless?

    i mean to generate road randomly and infinite.

    thank you for advance ))

  23. the script wont work (it keeps saying compile errors)

  24. Thanks, i was just wondering how hard this would be to do in Unity

  25. I have no money and i want the source code rly bad.

  26. HEy camera follow script not working please help

  27. My car is not moving with inputs, while referencing this code

  28. Hello everyone. For some reason when i setup my car and move all the items into the empty game object my wheels go through the car and wont stay in there position even with the rigidbodys and everything. Help asap would be very much appriciated

  29. Can the next tutorial e on how to make this endless?

  30. my tires in the car are wobbling like crazy. how to fix?

  31. Great Tutorial! Spent a whole day trying to do this from other tutorials and failed, so now I'm very happy indeed 🙂

  32. Great work bro… the best Unity youtube channel ever

  33. I followed the same scripts ont he camera and it showed me like, when the car goes upward, the camera goes downwards and vice versa. what can I do?

  34. Very good english accent (nn je eigole siper vidéo)

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