BIKE RACE Free - VIP Bike World Record - Dunes GamePlay Android IOS -

BIKE RACE Free – VIP Bike World Record – Dunes GamePlay Android IOS

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BIKE RACE FREE VIP Bike Dunes 2 Easter

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1) Different Heaven – Safe And Sound [NCS Release]
2) Sauniks – Daemon
3) 3rd Prototype – Dancefloor [NCS Release]

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  1. I have bike race pro in my iPad no jailbreak and I got all vip bikes and rainbow bike, moon bike

  2. Verashak this is not a world record see my channel

  3. I bet most of these runs with my classics bike lol

  4. I like that he claims he has world records but cant get 3 stars with the Ultra Bike

  5. Not a single wr let alone top 1000 time in here. Pisses me off how he has all world tour bikes and everything when he can't even get 1 star on most levels (i have wrs and all bikes).stop with the clickbait

  6. This is really bothering me. He literally bought a good bike, pressed a level, then just pressed gas and hoped he finished. Why would you upload something like this when most people who first pick up the game do better than you *with a regular bike*? How on earth do you have so many subs? This whole thing baffles me.

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