Bike Climb Racing -
Bike Climb Racing

Bike Climb Racing

Do you like hiking in the mountains? Sounds interesting. But what about conquering heights and never-ending hills with a two-wheeled vehicle? Bike climb racing definitely sounds crazy. Another reason to try it. The virtual world allows you to do what is impossible in real life. Become the champion of off-road driving. Cover the longest distances and upgrade your metal horse!

New Adventure Every Day

What should you know about these adventures? First of all, there are a lot of versions. They offer different seasons, landscapes, and systems of scoring. What unites them is the presence of challenging routes. Plus the goal to earn more on-screen currency.

It is difficult to choose from such a variety. A tip: pick any for a start. Each one has numerous maps to wheel. Growing complexity will make you interested till the very end. Controlling the bike with only 2 buttons, you perform unbelievable stunts and tricks. Don’t be afraid for your life. It is only a game. You have a green light to experiments and daring moves. Besides, they are handsomely rewarded.

Bike Climb Racing: Objectives

Each round is a new mission. For example, ride 10.000 meters and collect coins and useful items on the way. If you think that it is not a long distance, think twice. A bumpy road with steep hills and sudden slopes…It is not a joke even for a professional. You can maneuver even when you are in the air. The vehicle is very sensitive and obeys your every command. Win cups for good performance and open new locations to explore.

Piles of Coins

Your path is covered with bonuses. Collect them and save enough to buy upgrades for your character and vehicle. Lots of colors allow you to customize the high-end racer to your liking. There are different modifications, such as better speed and a bigger fuel tank. They make you faster and more flexible. The later improvement is vital. Higher levels offer fewer bottles of petrol on your way. If you run out of them, you stop and lose.

It is Fun

Do you like how it all sounds? Millions of users answer yes. Join them. Play and achieve good results. Come to the community of bike climb racing games to discuss the adventures. Share your experience and compare your scores with the best riders.

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