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A.I. LEARNS to Play Hill Climb Racing

Code Bullet
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Watch as an AI teaches itself to play Hill climb Racing
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Videos of me making Hill Climb Racing
Part 1:
Part 2:

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  1. 8:10 this ai has a touching ground binary hot vector input going directly to gas output……. genetical/evolution/whateverbecausepplusedifferenttermshere bias is likely.

  2. The median ai: input going into a billion other inputs before getting to output, so that it can intelligently avoid dying.
    The top ai:
    If [(privateAIID)].aiInput === 1
    (Gas) = 1

  3. I have to be honest, the guy in the car looks nothing like Bill (Bill is the driver in the real game). Bill does not have a beard, he doesn’t have an Afro, he has a red hat, he has a red shirt not blue, and overall, the guy in this game looks nothing like him. Edit: at first I thought the guy in the fake game’s shirt was blue, but then I realized it’s actually green, whoops. Edit 2: I just realized the shirts are changing color, my bad.

  4. NEAT stands for neuro….*sigh*

    I can’t stop laughing 😂

  5. Create a rocket league AI that can air dribble and ground dribble, that should be a challenge.

  6. Yoooo i didn't know code bullet listens to fame on fire

  7. Я смотрю твои видео в переводе на русский язык , но ты крут сувак

  8. Ik I’m late but nobody not a soul is talking about the cinema sins reference at the beginning?

  9. Still havent made the video. Im from the future.

  10. But where does all the data get stored?

  11. Интересно, как много людей пришло сюда тестить автоматический перевод видео в Яндекс браузере…

  12. What type of neural network is it? SLP, MLP, CN, etc…

  13. I thought the idea about the color of the shirts was cool. What if you made the shirt color mutate with the genes, so that it continues to change even in the later evolutions

  14. Who is here after watching Free Guy?😇

  15. This dude would be rich if he just made mobile games and sold them

  16. Almost 3 years later, he still hasn't made it

  17. There was someone who could get a modified Big Finger(you can build your own ride with parts you get in those boxes you get) with Legendary Monster tires. And with those, you can drive the entire Cave mission till the end. And some others.
    But Legendary Monster tires only has 7 levels you can get. Has this been fixed?

  18. Can't we have the AI get some basic rules in the beginning? Like move forward at the start.

  19. Aww…. you can tell he was so happy about the colored shirts

  20. 3 years later and never maid the neat explanation video

  21. hi I'm from the future,
    wheres the video

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