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8.717m SUPERBIKE in MOUNTAIN World Record – Hill Climb Racing 2

Zorro HCR2
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0:05 Debris Dazers – Double D [NCS Release]
3:06 Barren Gates – You Made A Monster [NCS Release]
6:11 Coopex- I Miss You [NCS Release]
🔸my Discord server with all adventure setups:
🔸my Discord contact: Zorro#0912
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Hill Climb Racing 2 Mountain


  1. Bro I feel like u should also make videos wherein u give us some tips and tricks so even we can try the same 🥰

  2. Pfffff. Pathetic. Anyone can get to 8.7k 🤮

  3. sehr cool zorro du bist mit abstand der beste! gruss

  4. jesusHow many Wr zorro have ?????
    more than 70 and counting!!!!

  5. Hi, why do you think about make a playlist on spotify/deezer with all your video songs ? It can motivates to play with this music and at least we would have all your good music

  6. Zorro, are you boy, or girl? 🤔 your nickname is for men, but your skin 😉 😊 🙋🏻‍♂️

  7. Bro this guy brakes every single record in adventure mode

  8. I feel like 10k is possible, but maybe I'm false

  9. Day 50000 asking for scooter in backwater bog xD

  10. Nice record Zorro 😀😀👏🏽👏🏽 But you can improve in the climb of this mountain (8:06) and catch that fuel (Sorry for bad grammar 😌😌)

  11. The first song gives me BarniB's like a boss video vibes

  12. Chinese Adventures
    Germany Adventures

    Who you?

  13. Wann bringst du deine GP von 8274 auf 9170?

  14. Bruh i love superbike and this is by far the hardest map to deal with.
    My record with SB is only 4,888m…

  15. Bro always amazed to see your WRs. couldn't thought this was possible but here you are.

  16. What if fly it over at the point 8642m and take the fuel?

  17. Nice ich bin mit superbike in adventure schlecht XD

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