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5 Unbelievably Light Hill Climb Bikes | 2020 National Hill Climb Champs Tech

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We were at the 2020 National Hill Climb Championships to take a look at some of the wildest, maddest most ultra-lightweight tech to feature at this year’s event.

Hill climb racing is all about your power-to-weight ratio and, while aero considerations come into play on longer or faster climbs, there are still potentially significant gains to be made by dropping weight from your bike.

Potential performance gains aside, dropping grams from your bike is also a lot of fun, and ogling the resulting builds is even more fun (and less harmful to your bank account than doing it yourself).

Which of these stealthy bikes makes you want to ride uphill as fast as possible? Would you like to try hill climbing? Let us know in the comments!

This video was filmed before Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in England. Some shots used are also from 2019 and 2018, before the pandemic.

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📸 Matt Grayson:

📸 Paul Paxford:

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Watch our Hill Climb Diaries Season 2:

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Full video on Andrew Feather’s 2019 race bike:

Presenter: Jack Luke
Camera: Robyn Furtado
Editor: Robyn Furtado
Producer: Felix Smith

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  1. Which of these stealthy bikes makes you want to ride uphill as fast as possible? Would you like to try hill climbing? Let us know in the comments!

  2. They're all quirky and awesome, but the Rose X-Lite steals the show.

  3. McFk is pronounced as MuckFuck. how brilliant is that.

  4. très bonne vidéo je vais suivre ta chaine !!!

  5. Cutting 20g rubber hoods off your shifters and then wearing a helmet, right.

  6. My favourite?The Dolan fixie,hands down.

    And here's something that I imagined:

    Converting a road bike to ss(with an appropriate ss freehub conversion kit and chain tensioner),while using those Hunt wheels.We might be seeing a weight loss of at least 100g(from the lack of shift cable,and the option to use tt brake levers on bullhorn bars).

  7. I prefer a 3by but I would pick the Cube light, cool ride

  8. Don't care how fast or how good you are. Not wearing a helmet on a bike is full idiocy!😏

  9. Seeing as the SuperSix Hi-Mod (with horizontal top tube and non-dropped seat-stays) is the nicest frame from the last 5 or 10 years, it obviously wins on this list too 🙂

  10. Video of MTB on a road hill climb vid is stupid

  11. I'd take the fixie over all 4 of the other bikes

  12. so they’re not wearing helmets because it weighs too much..?

  13. I’ve just realized that hills climbs are normal to me. My hometown where I used to live is actually called Addition Hills. The first thing I do when I get back home from school as a kid is ride my bike (first BMX & later MTB) all over town. I love to ride fast. So what I do is climb the highest hills so I can ride really fast downhill. I never thought picking up cycling again as an adult that i’m a hill climber. Since i’ve always fancied myself as a downhill rider.

  14. I understand. Too much home-office is a slippery slope but staying in pajamas even for a video posing is maybe pushing it too far 🙂

  15. Hill climb is not really a thing here in Washington state. I see you covering it or talking about it allot on here which makes me think it's a big thing in europe. It should be big here in Seattle since we definatly have hills. You can go for a ride and gain and loose 2,000 feet easily in under 6 miles without even leaving the relative down town area. Smooth pavement, cobles, dirt trails we have it all right outside your door.

  16. Gutted my prediction of all the HC races being cancelled (including nationals) didn't pay off. Not because I didn't get to race, no. Because my bike didn't get to feature on this glorious channel with Jack 😂.

  17. No disc brakes 🙂 Please tell me, why bikes manufactures are forcing people to buy bikes with disc brakes.

  18. Hill climbing is utterly intriguing. I ride road to stay fit for MTB. Living in Vermont we are all about the climb to get the down. Most of the KOM's on my local road route are up hill. LONG LIVE THE CLIMB!

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