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5 Ultra-Light Hill Climb Bikes | 2021 UK National Hill Climb Championships

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We were at the 2021 UK Hill Climb National Championships this year and have picked out five of the most exciting, weird-looking and feather-light builds for you.

The 2021 UK Hill Climb National Championships returned to Winnats Pass in the Peak District for the first time since 1977 where 300 riders faced biblical weather conditions on one of the toughest courses on the circuit.

With an average gradient of 16 per cent over the 900-metre course, maxing out at 23 per cent for a sustained section at the top of the climb, uncompromisingly lightweight bikes were the order of the day, with just about every weight-saving trick under the sun employed across the field.

Hill climbs in the UK are run by Cycling Time Trials, so they aren’t subject to UCI rules. This means sub-6.8kg bikes and exotic ultralight components are the norm – you really can run whatever you want so long as it’s not a trike or recumbent.

What do you think of our list? Which of these stealthy bikes makes you want to ride uphill as fast as possible? Would you like to try hill climbing?

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  1. What do you think of our list? Which of these stealthy bikes makes you want to ride uphill as fast as possible? Let us know in the comments!

  2. That old record being broken this year by only two riders is an incredible affirmation of its rider's strength and climbing know-how, beautiful. And thanks, Jack, for the look-see at all these bikes. For me, it reminds me of the efforts of BMXers in the late '70s to build the best bikes for racing from a quickly growing selection of frames and components. Just as these hillclimbers did, riders went to a lot of work to make a bike used for short, intense efforts. Tho' I do have to say we were more colorful, lots of color-coordinated components and flashy frames and graphics and stickers. But we were all under the influence of motocross and auto racing of all sorts and Evel Knievel and it all began with the Schwinn Sting-Ray, inspired by a bunch of Southern California kids who modified their 20" bikes into pretend motorcycle choppers.

  3. "unidentified" = we are paid by some other brands to keep our mouths shut with respect to the identity thereof

  4. How can they even race these, they don't meet the UCI 6.8kg weight limit?

  5. How much does it weight when your all wet? lol

  6. Holy crap!! That guy in the 60s rode that steel bike up that hill before scientific knowledge of training and diet existed and its only been beaten now and only by the top two finishers!? Wow!! Forget training and diet, if that guy had been given an aethos from the 'future' and rode it his record would be unbeatable!!

  7. that is a ali express saddle, not a darimo at all

  8. Lever pronounced like never – I'm in a fever!

  9. An interesting weight saving technique from the owner (/builder) of that steel bike. Let it rust and then sand it down

  10. Number 2 and number 5 👍 Riding to the event , removing the mudguards and then taking the win really is the essence of this unique type of racing….for Pete's sake don't let the UCI anywhere near hill climbing 😆✌️

  11. goodness that gritspoke is wild and gorgeous in the least conventional way. that's a winner right there.

  12. What an amazing feat by Peter Greenhalgh , riding a steel bike with fixed gear and setting a record that stood for basically 55 years when there was no science behind nutrition and bikes heheh, they just rode their bikes , drank beer and smoke cigars lol. They're definitely built different back them .👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Putting all that effort into creating a HC bike and having DISC brakes on it……

    Why not at least put a rim brake fork on the Aethos so you can run a proper light set up maxed out.

  14. Do you need to fit two brakes on your bike? Is one or maybe no brakes Allowed? Thanks

  15. Disc brakes ruined the look, and the aerodynamic of the bicycles. 😞

  16. my biggest curiosity is how many of these bikes are modified on race days for the hill climbs and ridden in a more traditional state the rest of the year versus being bikes of purpose that hang on a hook till hill climb day. That aethos especially considering how that thing was outfitted.

  17. so the real story is the old timer riding 130 miles and maybe 2000 meters of climbing plus Winnats on a bike that must have been 10 -15 kgs at least..

  18. "Uncut, unidentified bars" clearly says Prime lol

  19. Why not cut the drops and take out the front brake rotor. Who needs brakes on a hill climb!

  20. Genuine question, why some of the competitors did not wear helmet?

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