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2021 World Championship Jackson Hole Snowmobile Hill Climb Crashes

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The 2021 Jackson Hill Climb was super gnarly, so we want to give a huge shoutout to all the racers and hill help for their effort in trying to conquer Snow King, and to save the falling sleds and riders who didn’t make it. This is a gnarly sport, and we all know carnage is part of the thrill, so check out all the crashes and tumbles we could capture and stay tuned for a highlight video and Keith Curtis recap coming soon!


  1. How did they get all these stupid people on One Hill?

  2. I cant believe the machines can tumble down end over end and not end up smashed al to hell. Lol. They look ready to rip another run up n tumble back down. Didnt look like a easy hill to attempt

  3. So when a 1998 polaris wide track 500 with 96 studs goes up it past you guys………….. 🤔 cause I think it will……..

  4. no wonder all the a arms are backordered for cat

  5. I have never seen someone catch a dirt bike on a hill climb you definitely not going to catch one of these sleds.

  6. I must have missed it. Did any machines make it to the top in this idiotic event?

  7. what a fucked up sport.. no one can finish and the cost to repair.. really fucked up

  8. 💪🏻💪🏻✌🏻👍🏻 What goes up, Is Gonna come Down,,, rider On OR Rider OFF !!!! More OFF then ON… LOL

  9. Jesus, the safety group looked like a bunch of monkey's trying to fuck a football. What a unsafe event.

  10. With the amount of snow on that hill it looks more like a who can get traction competition😂😂

  11. That last sled wasn’t happy😂 something got jammed or broke cuz the track wasn’t spinning when he hit the throttle😂

  12. They should hire a few cowboys to lac-o the snowmobiles at the top… the rope would be secured to a tree, of course.

  13. They need to get the tracks to lock up or the brakes

  14. My hats off to the guys who run Up the hill towards the sled tumbling down towards them!

  15. I think I see what the problem is!🧐
    People don’t seem to accept the gravity of the sport!😩

  16. Let’s cross a chain saw with a motorcycle and ride it up a ski slope!
    It sounded like a good idea at the time!🥶

  17. чем набивать технику дайте бабокмне

  18. Worst Sled grabbers in the game. Where did you find these guys? were they walmart greeters before?

  19. They should just start at the top of the hill with a truck load of new sleds and one at a time throw them down the hill pretty much get the same results and avoid people pretending they can catch 600 lbs

  20. Guys used to try this on 500cc 124” “long tracks” just insane how far snowmobiling has come

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