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2021 National Hill Climb Championship: Men

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Promoted by Rutland CC on behalf of Cycling Time Trials
Winnats Pass, Derbyshire, England
Sunday 31 October 2021

Weather: 9C and continuous heavy rain

For women’s event see:

Video kit:
Fuji X-S10 with 16-80mm and 70-300mm lenses
Sennheiser MK200 mic
GoPro Hero 8 Black with Media Mod
…a towel to keep the rain off.


  1. The reason that record has been not broken is they havent done the race there since 77.

    That said I feel the timing was off. No way someone on a single speed steel bike is going to be only 11seconds slower than these guys who are busting out watts that suggest EPO usage.

  2. Not worse than san francisco climbs, especially potrero with its 22% climb. This looks like fun lol

  3. Thats the most irritating cheering I’ve ever heard jeez!

  4. when weight is everything why are so many riders riding with lights?

  5. yeaaaaaaa this almost makes me not want to ride today

  6. Pour la sécurité des coureurs, l’UCI devrait interdire aux non porteurs du casque de participer…

  7. dit zouden we in Nederland ook moeten doen!

  8. Am from Sheffield and do this climb loads in the summer. It’s a def 34/32 climb for me!

  9. Why they dont put helmets on their heads???? What organizer let them like this????

  10. If you cant beat the record in 1966 with carbon bikes, you guys are all terrible

  11. The guy who set the record that has stood since 1966… that man is a stud. Consider the difference in bikes… Look at what they are riding here… He had an old heavy steel bike… Competitors for the past twenty years have had the lightest carbon possible and bikes designed to optimize climbing… Hats off to the old guard.

  12. Length and av% for the climb??

  13. Considering the improvements in bike technology and athlete preparation since 1966 that previous record holder must have been a freak

  14. Looks horrific., well done to all who had a crack.

  15. That's miserable even without the rain 😞

  16. Why on earth would you have a tail light on this course when every gram counts? This chap needs to have his marbles checked.

  17. Refreshing to come across this with all the boring downhill videos out there.

  18. looks like a properly disgusting day for it

  19. Hell ye 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾, climbers are the best.

  20. Awesome. A killer of a hill. Respect to all.

  21. Would like to see this on the Wall in Philly

  22. That gots to be a joke I can damn near run that fast AMATEURS! 80 YR OLD RECORD TOO ?! DISCUSTIING ID EAT THAT CLIMB ALIVE with a smile of course 😁

  23. Do the organizers do doping tests on the competitors? Anyone know?

  24. Rain in England – as always. 😉 But good crowds!

  25. What's up with the tail lights? I would have been pissed if I was behind one of those

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