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2020 RTTC National Hill Climb Championship, Men

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Event promoted by Reading CC on behalf of the RTTC London West District Council. Due to Covid-19 restrictions no spectators were allowed on the hill.

Hill length = 800m
Average Gradient: 13%
Max gradient: 18%
Height gain: 96m


  1. What are the rules here? Bullhorn bars allowed? Also 3:56 artillery camera lens lol

  2. cov-19 restrictions applied, but bike safety helmets not applied! so no spectators please!

  3. Wondering why there are so many big guys. I guess 800 meters is very short and is pure power. No need to have a climbers body

  4. i like how some are having a red light on their bikes but are not wearing helmets

  5. The winner was always going to be as light as A.Feather 🚲

  6. I rode up the Toroko Gorge Hillclimb route in Taiwan last winter. Like 12000 feet climb. But I was on a motorcycle.

  7. Where was our local boy Dan Evans This event could be held on Gwaenysgor Hill (33%) Prestatyn.

  8. andrew feather is a class act, has half of the strava KOMs in the south west and by some margin lol

  9. What were the helmet wearers thinking of?

    Gotta love it

  11. Is there anything stopping them from removing their saddle and seat tube? Seems worth it for such a short effort.

  12. I like the guys in skin suits. Like their gonna get an advantage at 9mph

  13. Everything that I know about England I learnt from watching every episode of 'On the Buses'. Looks like an interesting country

  14. Auditions for Gollum in the next Lord of the Rings movie were pretty weird this time around.

  15. That's a lot of Spandex… I don't wear that anymore… never helped me go faster…

  16. Looks like a normal Sunday morning ride around West Lancs

  17. Saftey first.

    Protect your eyes from the daylight!

  18. The guy name feather won. Who would have guessed😅

  19. 🔝🚵👍🚴🚀🍂🍃👍🔥👏👏🆒💓🔋

  20. Look at all the stupid comments about riders not wearing helmets. The speed is lower than most people can run. Do you magic a bike helmet out of your pocket as soon as you exceed 8mph on foot? If you fell down the stairs, you would be going faster than these riders, by the time you hit the floor. Do you wear a bike helmet to use a staircase?

  21. 01:06 Hãy cố gắng cho dù đã thất bại. Nở nụ cười tin tưởng ở tương lai. Chưa thất bại là chưa từng trải. Chưa đau thương là chưa bước vào đời. 🚾

  22. 06:10 Ủa đêm rồi mà sao tim mình vẫn đầy nắng thế? 🦅

  23. creepy steward arse gawping at 1.30. volunteers every year that one. rain or shine .

  24. Course record is 2min 4secs….That's nothing. I could go down that hill quicker than that 😉

  25. This is what I miss about pro cycling races…….Seeing a racing cyclist ride his bike without a bloody helmet! The helmet is important, especially while descending, but absolutely not necessary at all during uphill finishes. In the old days of racing I enjoyed seeing cyclists race with their racing caps on, or perhaps no racing cap. You can see more of the struggle on their faces with no helmet during tough climbing, and more of the riders personality would show through without it.

  26. So much hair that could have been shaved to save a few grams here and there

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